Term 3, Week 4

Monday, February 7:
  • Journal: My craziest dream...

Tuesday, February 8:

Wednesday, February 9:

Thursday, February 10:
  • Journal: Are boys or girls braver?
  • "A Running Brook of Horror" and "The Dinner Party"
  • C/C stories
  • Hmk: Finish

Friday, February 11:
  • Journal: The things that make me happy...

Term 3, Week 4

Monday, January 31:
  • Journal: This Weekend...
  • Discuss mood
  • Read "Rain, Rain, Go Away..."
  • Discuss with questions
  • Grammar p. 564
  • Exercise B

Tuesday, February 1:

Wednesday, February 2:

Thursday, February 3:
  • Journal: Are boys or girls braver?
  • "A Running Brook of Horror" and "The Dinner Party"
  • C/C stories
  • Hmk: Finish

Friday, February 4:
  • Journal: The things that make me happy...
  • Share yesterday's paragraphs
  • "The Lady, or the Tiger?" -p. 593
  • Questions 1-6
  • Prompt 1
  • Hmk: finish

Term 3, Week 3

Monday, January 24:
  • Journal: A favorite memory...
  • Characterization chart for Charlie
  • Paragraph summary
  • Review organization
  • Brainstorm for paper: Is our perception reality? (Do we see things the way they are or the way we want them to be?)
  • Hmk: brainstorm and outline for Thursday

Tuesday, January 25:
  • Journal: Write a journal entry Charlie might have written after he left NY.
  • Vocab. Review
  • Finish Wagon Wheel from Friday
  • Begin Charly
  • Hmk: brainstorm and outline for Thursday

Wednesday, January 26:
  • Journal: If you could boost your IQ, would you?
  • Finish Charly
  • Compare/contrast the film and movie in a paragraph
  • Hmk: brainstorm and outline for Thursday

Thursday, January 27:
  • Journal: Respond to the picture on the overhead.
  • Writer's Workshop: Thesis Review
  • Lab Time
  • Hmk: Finish rough draft

Friday, January 28:
  • Journal: Extended time to read
  • Journals due!
  • Writer's Workshop: Peer Revision
  • Hmk: Final draft due Monday

Term 3, Week 2

Monday, January 17:
*MLK Day: No School*

Tuesday, January 18:
  • Journal: MLK Day
  • Vocab: sentences
  • Read "Flowers for Algernon"
  • Review characterization
  • Hmk: Study vocab (quiz Friday)

Wednesday, January 19:
  • Journal: Should advanced intelligence be offered/available to everyone?
  • Vocab: use words to create a crossword puzzle
  • Finish "Flowers for Algernon"
  • Characterization Overhead: fill out for Charlie
  • Hmk: study vocab (quiz Friday)

Thursday, January 20:
  • Journal: Personality Pictures: create a story
  • Vocab: do each others' crossword puzzles
  • Wagon Wheel about "Flowers"
  • Hand out essay question
  • Hmk: study vocab

Friday, January 14:
  • Journal: How I'm doing... (check in)
  • Vocab quiz
  • Review writing strategies (organization, transitions, topic sentence and support)
  • Time to write
  • Hmk: rough draft

Term 3, Week 1

Monday, January 10:

Tuesday, January 11:
  • Journal: Winter Break...
  • Surveys
  • Play with IQ tests
  • Balderdash
  • Look up vocab. definitions (p. 220)
  • Hmk: :-)

Wednesday, January 12:
  • Journal: How I serve...
  • PB&J Writing Activity
  • Vocabulary in pictures
  • Flowers for Algernon previewing: Gist Statements
  • Hmk: choose quip

Thursday, January 13:
  • Journal: An important quote to me...
  • Vocabulary: choose 8 of our words and use them in a sentence
  • Explore Rorschach Tests and Animal Personality Test
  • Review Gist statements
  • Begin reading "Flowers for Algernon"
  • Hmk: none

Friday, January 14:
  • Journal: "More bliss can be got from serving others than from serving oneself."
  • Continue reading
  • Hmk: none

Term 2, Week 4

Monday, November 15:
  • Journal: Poetry...
  • Billy Collins: "Poetry" - read and discuss as a class
  • Discuss what a speaker is in poetry
  • p. 192-195 in Lit. Books
    • Inference Chart from p. 192, answer 1-3, 6-8 on p. 195

Tuesday, November 16:
  • Journal: What's the best advice you've ever gotten? Try to turn it into a poem.
  • Go over yesterday's questions
  • Sound Devices: discuss using "O Captain My Captain"
  • Apply to p. 197-200
    • event chart from p. 197, answer 1-0 on p. 200

Wednesday, November 17:
  • Journal: What was your best birthday ever?
  • "Mexican Desert" - Mina Loy
  • Review similes/metaphors
  • p. 215-218: discuss and answer 1-7 and Lit. Analysis on p. 218
  • Brainstorm similes/metaphors about nature
  • Hmk: Your Choice - write a poem about EITHER a tragic event using a narrative style like Tuesday's poem OR write a poem about nature using as many similes and metaphors as you can think of, similar to today's poems...

Thursday, November 18:
  • Journal: What are you thankful for?
  • Plot in Poetry: Narrative Structure
  • "From Ghent to Aix"
  • "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere"
    • p. 716-721: paraphrase each stanza, create plot chart

Friday, November 19:
  • Journal:

Term 2, Week 2

Monday, November 1:

  • Journal: Halloween...
  • Ch. 11-24 Review
  • Group Work
  • Class discussion
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch. 26

Tuesday, November 2:
  • Journal: Describe a weird dream you've had.
  • Share illustrations
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch 27-29

Wednesday, November 3:
  • Journal: What adventure would you most like to go on with Tom?
  • Active Reading ch. 11-29
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch. 30-31

Thursday, November 4:
  • Journal: How are Tom and Huck alike? different?
  • Active Reading ch. 25-35
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch. 32-33

Friday, November 5:
  • Journal: What do you think happens to Tom and Huck after the novel is over?
  • Ch. 25-35 Questions
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch. 34-35
  • Hmk: Essay about TS

Term 2, Week 1

Monday, October 25:

  • Journal: my self-grade
  • Group Work
  • Class discussion
  • TS ch. 16-17

Tuesday, October 26:
  • Journal: What do you want people to say about you when you die?
  • Analyze irony
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch 18-19

Wednesday, October 27:
  • Journal: Describe your ideal day.
  • Review irony
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch. 20-21

Thursday, October 28:
  • Journal: If you were an animal, what would it be and why?
  • Discuss Tom/Becky storyline
  • Group Work
  • Reading Quiz
  • TS ch. 22-25

Friday, October 29:
  • NO SCHOOL: P/T Conferences

Benjamin Franklin Webquest!

For this project, you will discover all about the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin! Your first task is to individually complete the worksheet using the link: http://www.ecps.k12.nc.us/dfw/ebaker/BenjaminFranklinWebQuest.htm . After you finish this, you will get into groups of four. You will work with three other people to create portrait of Benjamin Franklin.Each person will be responsible for a different aspect of Franklin's life. The roles are listed below. Each person must choose a different role and write a solid paragraph that summarizes the information you find. Remember, do not copy what you find; you must put the information into your own words!!! You will put all your paragraphs together on one of your pages. (You may choose whose page; just let me know whose you put your paper on!) The websites that follow the roles will help you on your way. Please do not leave these websites without permission from me. Finally, the very last website is a link to a self-evaluation page. You must fill this out to receive full credit. Have fun! :-)

The biographer will be in charge of gathering general information to answer the question, "Who was Ben Franklin?" Find out when he lived. Find out where he lived. Find out about his family. Find out what jobs he had.
If you choose to research Ben Franklin's inventions you will have lots to choose from ! He created items we still use today. He created musical items. He created items which scientists use. He created items which keep people safe.
If you choose to research Ben Franklin's ideas which helped society prepare to be amazed ! His ideas helped children get educated. His ideas helped the ill. His ideas made literature of all types available to the public. His ideas helped lives and buildings be saved.
If you choose to research Ben Franklin's contributions to our government as it was being formed you will find lots to report about. Find out why Ben Franklin was sent to England. Find out about Ben Franklin's role in the Continental Congress meetings. Find out about Ben Franklin's role in the Declaration of Independence. Find out about Ben Franklin's role in the Constitution.

Links to help you on your way:




Self Evaluation link (scroll down to the bottom and click on the button for "Student Checklist"): http://mset.rst2.edu/portfolios/p/ploger_c/toolsvis/ToolsVisWEB/finalproject/conclusion.htm

Week 6

Monday, October 4:
  • Journal: What would you do if you found a million dollars?
  • Roots quiz
  • Begin "The Million Pound Bank Note" (p. 265)
  • Hmk: none

Tuesday, October 5:
  • Journal: Do you treat people differently based on what they have?
  • Finish "Bank Note"
  • Discuss setting
  • Pronouns
  • Hmk: Ex. A, p. 282

Wednesday, October 6:
  • Journal: What makes a good story...
  • Go to Lab
    • Set up wikis
    • Work on book projects
    • Mark Twain (MT) webquest; "Bad Little Boy"/"Good Little Boy"

Thursday, October 7:
  • Journal: What does it mean to "be good"?
  • Discuss MT webquest
  • Intro. Tom Sawyer
  • Pre-reading activity
  • Read ch. 1 w/ dialectical journals and discuss
  • Hmk: read ch. 2 with group roles and dialectical journals

Friday, October 8:
  • Journal: Tom Sawyer so far...
  • Group work for TS
  • Hmk: read ch. 3-4 w/ group work and dialectical journals

Week 5

Monday, September 27:
  • Journal: What's your relationship with your siblings like?
  • Gist statement previewing activity
  • Read "Raymond's Run" (p. 33)
  • Most Important Word worksheet
  • Hmk: compare story with original gist statement

Tuesday, September 28:
  • Journal: When do you get competitive?
  • Notes: static and dynamic characters
  • Discuss "Raymond's Run"
    • Plot, POV, characterization, "smile" quote
  • Vocabulary activity (p. 42)
  • Grammar activity (p. 43)
  • Hmk: none

Wednesday, September 29:
  • Journal: Time to read
  • Word Roots chart
  • Discuss theme
  • Read "Stop the Sun" (p. 49) and fill out theme chart

Thursday, September 30:
  • Journal: How well do you know your parents?
  • Word Roots Review
  • Discussion about "Stop the Sun"
  • Linking Verbs Activity (p. 58)

Friday, October 1:
  • Journal:

Week 4

Monday, September 20:
  • Journal: What I want the most...
  • Read "A Mother in Mannville" (p. 59) with 'Say Something' activity
  • Use Story Maps to write a summary
  • Review plot stages
  • Hmk: quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, September 21:
  • Journal: "Sweet Shop" visual painting
  • Quiz on "A Mother in Mannville"
  • Review POV
  • Analyze stories from different POVs
  • Grammar: Simple Subjects
  • Hmk: Green group - p. 9 Ex A-B; Orange group - p. 9 Ex. A, p. 602 Ex 2; Yellow and Pink Groups - p. 9 Ex. A

Wednesday, September 22:
  • Journal: Time to read
  • Grammar: simple predicates
  • Introduce characterization
  • Apply to past stories
  • Character sketches
  • Hmk: Journals due tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 23:
  • Journal: How I would describe myself...
  • Review characterization
  • Apply to "Checkout" (P. 23)
  • Use Mind Map to analyze characters
  • *Journals DUE!*

Friday, September 24:
  • Journal: Time to read
  • Action Verbs
  • Writer's Workshop
    • Use character to create a story

Week 3

Monday, September 13:
  • Journal: This weekend . . .
  • Explore compare/contrast
    • Card activity
    • Create Outlines
  • Structure/Organization of papers
  • Time to begin rough draft in class
  • Hmk: finish rough draft

Tuesday, September 14:
  • Journal: Freeread
  • Color code organization in papers
  • Grammar pre-test
  • POV Jigsaw Activity
  • Apply to stories
  • Hmk: Finish revisions

Wednesday, September 15:
  • Journal: none
  • Go to lab to type papers
  • Finish "Magi" and discuss
  • Hmk: Final draft due tomorrow

Thursday, September 16:
  • Journal:
  • POV Jigsaw
  • Apply to "Magi"
  • Hmk: finish fairy tales

Friday, September 17:
  • Journal: Homecoming week...
  • Share fairy tales
  • PLOT construction
  • Hmk: Have a great weekend!

Week 2

Tuesday, September 7:
  • Journal: Share about your Labor Day
  • Timed Write: "The place I live..."
  • Annotation notes
  • Apply to "Love Story"
  • Go over Independent Reading Projects
  • Hmk: finish annotations

Wednesday, September 8:
  • Journal: "What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?"
  • Review annotation
  • Apply to "Charles" (p 5-11); 2 pages of annotations
  • Library Orientation/choose novel
  • Hmk: Finish "Charles"; Bring novel to class on Friday

Thursday, September 9:
  • Journal: Freewrite
  • Plot/Conflict notes
  • Apply to "Charles" and "Red Chief"
  • Compare/Contrast stories and characters
  • Hmk: finish Venn diagram

Friday, September 10:
  • Journal: WYR... have one perfect week knowing you would die at the end or live an average 70 years, knowing nothing special or terrible would ever happen to you?
  • Discuss Venn diagram
  • Organization activity
  • Apply to Venn Diagram
  • Hmk: complete webs

Week 1

Wednesday, September 1:
  • Welcome to English I!
    • Syllabus, Team-Building, English Perceptions
  • Homework: Syllabus signed by Friday

Thursday, September 2:
  • Journal: What do good readers do?
  • Go over reading strategies
  • Apply to "The Ransom of Red Chief"

Friday, September 3:
  • Journal: Labor Day Weekend
  • Finish "The Ransom of Red Chief"
  • Pre-test: Literary Elements